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How Did the Basset Hound Evolve?

When hunting on foot became popular, rather than on horseback using Bloodhounds, there evolved a need for a short-legged, slow moving dog.   So St. Hubert, the patron saint of the hunt, set out to develop a new strain of hound. His efforts resulted in an unplanned mutation.  However, the genetic deviation, a short-legged, dwarfed hound, moved more slowly.  And its low-set form was perfect for hunters on foot in search of small game.

The Basset Houd

After these French Basset Hounds were introduced in England, further inbreeding was done by Everett Millais, who is considered to be the father of the modern Basset Hound.  He bred his hound, Nicholas, to a female Bloodhound in order to create a heavier basset, more like the Basset Hound of today.  The sport  of pack hunting with Basset Hounds continues to this day in France and England.

Famous Basset Hounds

One Basset Hound was certainly well-known in the 1960’s.  If you’re of a “certain age,” you most likely remember Hush Puppies and the adorable Basset Hound, Velvet, that was the trademark for Hush Puppy shoes. One of the shoe’s major claim to fame came in 1965 at a Rolling Stones concert.  Keith Richards accidentally touched his guitar against an ungrounded microphone and was knocked unconscious. Medics believed that the crepe-soled Hush Puppies he was wearing saved his life.  Maybe it’s coincidental that his bandmate, Ron Woods, owns a Bassett Hound.  

The shoe’s name, Hush Puppy, evolved out of food and feet.  Hush Puppies were fried cornballs that hunters with Basset Hounds fed their dogs to quiet them down or “hush the puppies.” “Barking dogs” has been a common euphemism for aching feet after walking your Basset Hound, so what better way to quiet those “barking dogs” than to put them in a pair of Hush Puppies?

Dean The Basset Hound has his own YouTube channel where you can entertain yourself watching his:

  • Food preferences
  • Ear care
  • Number of ankle rolls

Several movies have featured Basset Hounds, one being Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective staring a Basset Hound named Toby who’s owned by Sherlock Holmes.  In this animated film, Toby, not Sherlock, is the detective. 

Some Basset Hounds were made famous through sculpture as far back as the 1800’s.  Basset Hound Statues were sculpted by Emmanuel Fremiet, the leading sculptor of animals in his day.  Fremiet exhibited his bronze sculptures of Emperor Napoleon III’s Basset Hounds at the Paris Salon in 1853.  Fortunately, you don’t have to hunt all over Europe to see if any of these Basset Hound Statues, still exist because there are a variety of options for Basset Hound Garden Statues here.

Basset Hounds Can be Exasperating

Basset Hounds love to eat, and because their preferred routine at home is mostly sleeping, they can gain weight and quickly become obese.  Being overweight can cause them to have back and leg problems, so it’s important to regularly exercise your Basset Hound. Because they have a great deal of endurance, you can take them for long walks.  However, because they also have a mind of their own, the walk may take longer than you’d expected.  As evidenced with this  video of Barney the Basset Hound.

Basset Hound owners love their pet’s long, silky ears, mournful eyes and endearing wrinkles.    Maybe you also love the looks of a Basset Hound but don’t wish to put up with some of its intrinsic behaviors like:

  • Slowness to learn and an independent “what’s in it for me?” attitude toward training
  • Running away, oblivious to your calls, when an interesting scent catches his attention
  • Slowness to housebreak
  • Slobbering and drooling
  • Flatulence

Another distinct characteristics of a Basset Hound is its propensity to howl as you can see and hear right here.  One owner says that her Basset Hound howls every, single time the telephone rings.  And you can be sure that your smart hound knows when someone is walking past or approaching your home.  Their persistent baying can be heard for long distances.  The benefit of a Basset Hound Garden Statue is that passer-byes or delivery persons will not think that someone is being murdered inside your home.  A beautiful replica of a Basset Hound will serve not only as a notification of the loud resident, but your devotion to your beloved pet as well.