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The Beloved Golden Retriever

The Warmth of the Golden Retriever

It is no secret that Golden Retrievers like to snuggle. You better make that room on the couch, because the Golden Retriever will wrap you up in their warmth, and in the process wrap around your heart too. If you just need a hug, or a friend to stream Netflix with, the Golden Retriever is the perfect companion and couch buddy. But don’t be fooled, the Golden Retriever is no slouch, they love to hike and enjoy outdoor activities. The Golden Retriever is just as athletic as they are calm and relaxed.

People Pleaser Extraordinaire

Golden Retrievers love to please their people and make new friends. Our adoring praise makes them turn to putty in our hands and causes the Golden Retriever to flop onto their backs offering up their furry bellies for a scratch or rub. Whether it’s a scratch behind the ear, or a belly rub, the Goldie loves to receive and offer affection. Golden Retrievers also love children, and give a lot of gentle affection, and protection, to the wee ones.

The Golden Retriever is Not Just a Pretty Face

Golden Retrievers are among the smartest of dog breeds. Since, the Goldie loves to please their people, they enjoy learning tricks that make their people proud. Some known tricks a Goldie can learn are, putting away their toys or fetching a specific toy. Due their intelligence, the Golden Retriever is easy to train for basic obedience as well. After that Netflix streaming session of your favorite show, with your Golden buddy, grab some treats and go have some training fun with your Golden Retriever. You’ll be amazed at how quick the Golden Retriever picks up on your commands.

What’s in a Bark

Golden Retrievers don’t bark a lot. Therefore, guard dogs they are not, but at home they are quiet and relaxed. So, when that delivery person comes to your door, your Golden Retriever will not make a fuss as some dog breeds tend to do. When the mail delivery truck is heard coming down the street, the Golden Retriever won’t make a peep. When you have visitors, the Golden Retriever will come lumbering up to greet them and with proper training the Goldie won’t jump but give out many kisses instead.

The Not-So-Judgy Goldie

Golden Retrievers do not discriminate when getting along with other pets and animals. While, they might prefer the most affection and share better if they feel equally loved or loved a bit more. Golden Retrievers are just lovers at heart and that shows in their interactions with other animals and people alike. Don’t worry about the smaller pets and children in your home, as it is true that the Golden Retriever may be a larger breed, they are as gentle as they come.

Our House is Not a Home Without a Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is loyal, even-tempered, intelligent, playful and kind what more can one ask in a companion? Well the Goldie asks more, because the Golden Retriever temperament makes them lay at your feet, get you out-and-about for walks and play, and then snuggle with you on the couch, because all they want is time with their people – time with you. Devoted, that is what Golden Retrievers are, absolutely devoted, and once you have one in your life you cannot help but become devoted too.