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The Corgi – Why Being Short is an Asset

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, or dwarf dog originally bred for cattle herding, is referred to as a heeler, meaning that they would nip at the heels of the larger animals to keep them on the move.  One of the smallest herding dogs, standing between 10 and 12 inches tall and weighing between 23 and 28 pounds, Corgis can be very effective, with their doggedness and perseverance.  The Corgi’s short stature allows it to duck under the cow’s kick, while taller or slower dogs often suffer from those kicks. 

Corgis Have Become a Beloved Family Pet

Pembroke Welsh Corgis go back as far as the 10th century and according to Welsh legend, fairies used them to pull their coaches or ride them into battle.  If you look closely, many Corgis have a darker patch of fur under their shoulders that even today is sometimes known as the “fairy saddle.”  So, when you watch your Corgi sleeping, you can imagine that perhaps it’s dreaming about fairies.

corgi statue
Corgi’s get along with others

More and more Americans have chosen Corgis as their family pet.  The sweet diminutive dog became an extremely popular breed in 2019.   Some Corgi Owners walking their pet have to stop frequently as onlookers ooh and aah over their Corgi’s cuteness.  There are groups of Corgi owners and lovers all over the country.  In major cities like New York, Boston and Los Angeles they gather at Meetups monthly to watch their beloved furry friends run, play and enjoy each other.  For apartment dwellers, this is a great time to exercise their pet’s little legs.

If you’re a Corgi lover attending one of those gatherings, but not yet ready for ownership, you could choose a Corgi Garden Statue until you’re ready for the real thing.  But don’t bring it to the Meetup.

Your Corgi Could Get Bored

You definitely have to be mindful and in-the-moment if you are dodging the hooved feet of animals quite a bit larger than you.  To do this effectively, without injury, Corgis use their deep-seated logistical and anticipatory skills. Most likely, Corgi owners don’t have a herd of bovine handy, and you don’t want to promote antagonistic behavior with other members of the family. This presents a challenge, because your Corgi always needs something to work on or some sort of task to accomplish, otherwise it’s liable to get bored and try to herd your shoes. You don’t want your Corgi to be nipping at your Jimmy Choos.  Luckily there is a plethora of dog puzzles and toys out there to occupy and train brilliant canines and productive ways to interact with your Corgi.

Keep your Corgi engaged

Tips For Playing With Your Corgi

  • Let your Corgi familiarize itself with a new toy before engaging in play.  
  • Establish and stick to ground rules and do not ignore unwanted behavior.  If your Corgi breaks the rules, let it know that playtime is over.
  • Train your Corgi to drop the toy when you give a command such as “give”  or “drop.”
  • Reserve fetch or tug toys as “permission toys” and let your Corgi have free access to its plush toy.

It’s important, regardless of breed, to let your dog know that you are the top dog.  Teaching manners and boundaries helps to ensure that your Corgi is a good citizen inside and outside the home.  Unless you’re famous, most people are not interested in hearing about your Corgi’s bad behavior.

Author Stephen King jokingly calls his Corgi Molly, “The Thing of Evil,” because of her penchant for stealing snacks and chewing up soccer balls. King seems to have a fondness for Corgis, his first being Marlowe.  He’s even written a couple of Corgis into his books, including Under the Dome‘s Horace.

Exceptional Corgis

Ein, the Corgi in the popular anime Cowboy Bebop, is an unusually smart dog.  Ein was a lab animal that was genetically engineered to have intelligence superpowers. Ein travels on a spaceship in the year 2071 with his human bounty hunter owners. Although he generally acts like a normal dog, Ein occasionally surprises his owners by showing off his skills.

He’s capable of:

  • Driving a car
  • Answering a telephone
  • Communicating with other animals
  • Hacking a computer database by using his mind
  • Playing Shogi

If you’ve watched Topi the Corgi’s YouTube channel, you already know that Corgis are able to copy all sorts of human behaviors, like texting.  So, Ein the Corgi’s skills may not seem to be too fantastical. 

Corgi owners think their beloved pet is smart and exceptional.  And that’s how it should be.  If you want the world to know, you might want to invest in a Corgi sign.  Why keep your delight a secret?